Shipley’s Do-Nuts: Glazed Nostalgia

Shipley’s Do-Nuts: Glazed Nostalgia

I grew up on Shipley’s Do-Nuts and my love for the hot, gooey, sugary treats runs deep. As a child my late grandfather used to pick me up every Saturday morning and we’d make the trek to Shipley’s for hot and fresh glazed doughnuts. We’d get a dozen and sit outside in the parking lot enjoying every last bite while discussing things like school and my plans for the future. Those were times that I’ll never forget and those were also the times that solidified my love for doughnuts.

Shipley’s originated right here in Houston in the late 1930’s after Lawrence Shipley Sr. created a recipe for doughnuts. The doughnuts were cut by hand and sold for 5 cents per dozen and were only sold by wholesale. The doughnuts were so good they started to sell on the retail market in the mid 1940’s. From there, everything else was history.

Today, visiting the original location on Ella Blvd in Garden Oaks is very nostalgic. Walking inside and standing at the counter reminds me of the excitement of those Saturday mornings of the past. The smell of coffee brewing, combined with a faint sweetness you could almost taste in the air brings back those memories of the past while giving me more insight into the future. And although the recipe has not changed, the doughnuts appear to taste better with each additional visit. I’d like to say this is most likely all in my mind, but it also proves that same excitement of the past exists today.


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Darrell Bass
Founder & Editor in Chief

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