The Rules of Swimwear Shopping

The Rules of Swimwear Shopping


Houston is starting to warm up and pools are looking more and more inviting. If you haven’t been in Houston long enough to understand how hot our summers are, you’re in for an experience. Before it’s too late, treat yourself to some swimwear to be fully prepared for the summer ahead and the pools you’ll desperately be jumping into. Even if you don’t live in the Bayou City, understanding what to buy for swimwear is important.

Mesh or no mesh? 

This could all depend on you and how you like to feel in your swimwear. Some like the mesh to avoid chaffing and to keep their package private. Others avoid it all together.

See what feels good first then figure out the solutions to having mesh or no mesh. If you’re going for no mesh, make sure your swimwear has a fly. The construction and seams will do a great job of hiding your package.

Trunk Length

Whether you’re tall, short, thin or more filled out, your swimwear should never go past the knee. Trunks that are that long make anyone look out of proportion and clown-like.

If you’re tall and thin, your best bet is to get a trunks with narrow legs to avoid looking like Charlie Chaplin.

If you’re short, make sure to get trunks with shorter legs to make you look lean and tall.

Colors and Patterns

Now that you’ve narrowed down what features you want your swimwear to pack on, now its time for visual aesthetics. Solids, neons, stripes, floral, geometric patterns, and even the american flag are some of the many options but which one should you choose?

If you’re looking to be modest then stick with solid colors and maybe have a stripe or two on the edges to give it a sporty look. If you’re on the thin side, horizontal stripes will make you look thicker. For those that are more filled out, black will make you look slimmer.

Go for bright and/or colorful patterns if you’re confident enough to have everyone’s eyes on you and don’t be afraid to rock it.



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