EaDo is the New Hot Spot for These Energy-Efficient Lofts

East Downtown has been the next hot spot for development. Downtown, Midtown, Montrose and other areas are filled to the rim on buildings and people. Not to mention, they’re also getting expensive. But past all these neighborhoods and downtown, on the other side of Highway 59, lies East Downtown or EaDo, a thriving culture where warehouses are used as art studios or breweries. This untouched area has even been dubbed as “the new Montrose”.

Now, developers are moving in.

Ivy Lofts will be the next big thing for EaDo that will put things into gear. It will be the first high-rise in the U.S. fully powered by AT&T Digital Life, which allows you to control your air conditioner and other home functions through an app. Efficiency will be at your doorstep with lofts equipped with single air conditioner units, fold away beds and tables, and sliding doors to provide extra space. The lofts’ minimalism approach and adaptability creates an environment of modern style and comfort.

The project is currently in concept phase with the number of investors rising to snatch prime real estate close to downtown. Check out the pictures above taken from the Ivy Lofts showcase event and see for yourself what makes this place exclusive.

For more information, visit the Ivy Loft website.

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Hazel Ramos
Hazel Ramos is completing her B.A. in Journalism at the University of Houston.

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