Face It, You Need to Know About Skincare

Face It, You Need to Know About Skincare

The sight of cucumbers over eyelids and clay masks isn’t a man’s choice of spending an evening. But the importance of taking care of your skin is critical for both men and women. Plus, wouldn’t you want to accessorize your outfit with glowing, healthy skin?

Cleanliness is Next to Manliness

The way most men wash their face is by massaging in their bar soap or body wash during their hot shower. While it does make your face feel clean, the harsh detergents in regular body cleansers dry skin out. Unfortunately, wrinkles and aging are cause by over-drying of the skin.

To get rid of dirt and oily skin, buy a gentle cleanser that doesn’t strip away the skin’s natural oils but instead keeps it moisturized. Try Clinique’s For Men skincare line that has 3-step cleansers and moisturizers for your specific skin type.

The Magic Behind Witch Hazel

A natural anti-inflammatory, toner and disinfectant, witch hazel is gentle on your skin but tough enough to wipe away dirt and oil. It can be used to fight acne, soothe irritated skin and reduce puffy eyes.

Go to any drugstore and look for Dickinson’s Witch Hazel towelettes. These come in single packets that you can just carry in your pocket or wallet and use whenever you need to freshen up your face on the go. It’s the best way to get rid of oily skin while maintaining the moisture. The best part of witch hazel is it has many uses at an extremely low cost.

We Will Moisturize and Protect

We don’t realize how much damage we get from the sun 365 days of the year regardless of the climate. Sun damage causes aging, wrinkles and even cancer. As much as we need Vitamin D, we still need a lotion or sunscreen with SPF that blocks harmful UVA and UVB rays.

Combat the sun while adding moisture to your skin with a moisturizer with a good SPF. Put Brave Soldier Solar Shield sunscreen on every morning before you start your day and you’ll thank yourself years later.

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