Darrell Bass “Essentials”

Darrell Bass “Essentials”


There are some things I realized I can’t live without. If you know me, you may think I’m speaking of vodka, whisky, women, money, and medium rare plus chateaubriand. However, this time I’m talking about those fashion essentials that are my go to pieces for any and all occasions.

First thing on the list is my Tiffany & Co. 1837 sterling silver tie bar.  I’m on the move all the time and I like for my ties to keep up with me.  There is no other way than going with a tie bar, and this is a very classy and timeless approach to keeping your tie in sync while you move through the city.

My plaid blazer was designed by Adam Leibold from Balani Custom Clothiers.  This go to blazer has very nice pattern that works with everything.  I can dress it up, dress it all the way down with a white tee and jeans, and what you don’t see is the inside pattern. Catch me on Thursdays at Armondo’s and you might just see it inside out after a few shots Rebecca Creek Whisky.

I’ve always been a fan of Ray Ban Aviators, so when I found an extra large pair I had to have them.  I don’t like really dark sunglasses, so the bronze tint was perfect for me. They work with everything, and makes you look like a badass.


Banana Republic “Slim Fit” Jeans

The ONLY jeans on the planet that fit me well are Banana Republic’s Slim Fit jeans.  I’m not required to wear a suit every day so I pair these jeans with everything I own. And the black ones, I wear them at least twice a week and sometimes every day on weekends.  They are relaxed with the right amount of stretch so that your dick print doesn’t show. However, some print is actually good for the ladies, or the men if you’re into that.


Pink Button Down by Jack Spade

FINALLY, a pink shirt that works with my skin tone.  I love this shirt and it looks very smart with a navy blue suit. I also wear it with jeans, untucked and unbuttoned down to my dick to show off my inability to grow one strand of hair on my chest due to laser removal.


Black Shawl Cardigan from The Gap

Cardigans are a preppy staple.  But not this one, its sleek, fitted and its black. I wear it with a white tee, slim jeans, and loafers with no socks of course. Push those sleeves up and throw on a pair oversized Ray Ban Aviators and you’re now a badass preppy MF.

Black loafers by Donald Pliner 

I wear loafers with everything. I like the idea of slipping in and out of a shoe at the drop of a hat when I have to.  I purchased these loafers and they are by far the best pair of shoes I own.  Comfortable, stylish, and the toes are perfect. Not too pointed, and definitely not too square, they will work with just about anything you own.

Beats by Dre Wireless Headphones

When its time to zone out and let the music consume every ounce of your hearing capacity, I reach for these bad boys.  The bass reminds me of my Honda Accord in college with the two 10 inch bass cannons in the trunk. Favorite song to listen to; Thought it was a Drought by Future!

Rebecca Creek Whisky

I was introduced to Rebecca Creek Whisky by a Republic Distribution associate and I instantly fell in love.  Besides whats not to love about a Texas whisky by the name of Rebecca?  I normally start my Thursday evenings off at B19 with a few shots!

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