From Alternative Facts to Alternative Knees

From Alternative Facts to Alternative Knees

Kellyanne Conway, Counselor to the President in the Oval Office


You have to give it to Kellyanne because she’s brilliant. But sometimes brilliance has a very dark and ugly side when it’s used in a manipulative way, think Alternative Facts. Kellyanne Conway, Counselor to the President and orchestrator of the Alternative Fact have once again created a media firestorm, but this time without saying one single word. Instead, she let her knees do all the work.

Implying a woman used her knees to do any type of work is crass. But in this case Conway did in fact let her knees knock down the barriers to every media source that said they were done with she and her blind side political antics.

However there’s something much more disturbing about this particular fire storm that’s centered around one photo showing Conway sitting in the Oval Office with her legs and knees on the sofa while President Trump meets with the presidents of the nation’s historically African American universities.

The photo has been described as a symbolization of disrespect to the Presidency, the Oval Office, and the nation as a whole. And if I must say this is probably the farthest from the truth as Conway’s Alternative Facts. What we are seeing now is other photos of she prepping her mobile device to snap her own pictures of the meeting. And as most would say, why wouldn’t she just use the official White House Photos? Because she’s Kellyanne Conway, the queen of opportunity and there would be no way in hell she would miss out on a photo opportunity to completely reek havoc on all of her adversaries, most importantly the media. And while most would think this move might have backfired, it’s probably one of her most brilliant displays of political entitlement to date.


Brenden Smialowski/AFP – Getty Images

Of course the Internet has no chill, and this time no chill has been transformed into a lynch mob fueled with disrespect and hateful connotations. From being called trashy, classless, all the way to insinuating her only position in a room full of men is on her knees is as classless and trashy as what most are trying to make the photo out to be. More disturbing, a large amount of these comments are from……….you guessed it, women.

Pablo Martinez Monsivals / AP

Women that are opposed to Conway and the Trump Administration has taken to the Internet to publicly slaughter Conway, but is this public lynching warranted? Or, is it just an opportunity to use a photo that a possibly very partisan photographer decided to spread with a twist to incite yet another political backlash?

Jonathan Ernst / Reuters

Someone once told me that sometimes what you see is not always what you see but what you know you’ll never forget.   If I had to relate that saying to this supposed controversy I’d say Conway has once again shown us her power and ability to encourage the shifting of focus. Besides who cares what all the other people were in the Oval Office for, right?

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