About Us

Darrell Bass, Editor in Chief/Founder, Modern Gent Magazine

Darrell Bass, Editor in Chief/Founder, Modern Gent Magazine

Confident, considerate, sophisticated, in the know, the Modern Gent.  He boasts an aura of confidence, but not arrogance.  His neatness in dress expresses his understanding of detail, which ultimately sets him apart.  He practices balance in his life and in his relationships and treats both with equal consideration.

 The Vision

I’ve always loved fashion!  I remember scrolling through style magazines at an early age searching for the next trend, trying my best to emulate it the next day.  I never was the sneaker and jeans every day guy, I was the loafer and khaki pants, rolled up just enough to show the socks. Blue blazers, oxford button downs, white polo styled shirts, all were timeless traditions for me.  My introduction to luxury brands was at an early age, when I received my first pair of Gucci loafers as a hand-me-down from my favorite uncle, I was about fifteen years old.  I wore those shoes with everything I owned! Fashion has been a way for me to express my individuality, a way for me to showcase my inner most creative personality.

Houston is the third largest city in the country, and we are very excited to establish Modern Gent Magazine in this market.  Our mission is to create a go-to style and fashion resource for men in the city to utilize; a guide that will feature the lastest fashion options for any ocassion, including the hottest dinning and entertaining destinations.  Modern Gent Magazine will be the personal key to all things luxury for the modern sophisticated gentleman.